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Busy Mom, Know: Listening to the Bible is Not “Cheating”

Together: Growing Appetites for God has a primary focus of reading the Bible with your children. However, if you’re one exhausted mom you may be thinking, “How can I possibly do this? Get real, Carrie!”

You may be a working mom, a single mom, or a just plain busy mom. Whatever your circumstances, you know that your schedule has very little margin and your wondering how you can squeeze in one more thing. Your mornings are packed and at the end of the day, by the time you prepare a meal, clean up after it and get yourself and your kids ready for the next day, you’ve got neither the time nor the energy to read the Bible with your kids.

So, let me offer you another simple option that we sometimes overlook, but can be extremely helpful. Consider listening to the Bible with your kids.

There are so many tools out there today to help get God’s Word in us. You could buy the Bible on CD, listen online through your PC, download an audio Bible on your iPod or try one of the free apps for your smartphone that offers an audio option. (YouVersion, for example, is one I love). Then on your way to work or school, push play. Listen in the car on the way home, during dinner, or at night as your putting everyone to bed.

Here’s something that you should know and remember: listening to the Bible is not cheating. Whether you are doing the reading or Max McLean is, God speaks through His Word.

Busy mom, don’t lose heart. God loves you and He can help you make a plan to get to know Him through His Word. Be creative. Use the great resources at your disposal to get the God’s Word in you and into the minds and hearts of your children. It could be that listening to the Bible is a way you can begin today.

I’m praying for you!