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Meet Carrie


Hi, I’m Carrie, wife of Wes and mom of four busy teens.

Although I’ve been a longtime follower of Jesus and an active church member, I struggled for many years with reading the Bible. I would start fresh, only to fail again and again. But through God’s loving providence, I went from an inconsistent devotional life to a regular time of reading and meditating on Scripture.

How? Well, it wasn’t me! Nearly fifteen years ago, God gave me a simple plan to read the Bible with my (then very young) children. He used these lively, happy little people to make a discipline, that had been a struggle for me, an immeasurable joy. We have read through Scripture four times together and each time I see God use His Word to mold and shape us. and give us all an appetite to know Him.

God used me to lay a foundation of God’s Word in the lives of my kids, and He used my kids to show me the life and beauty that comes from consistent interaction with God through His Word. And I’m so encouraged to see my children growing up and seeking God independently.