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A Prayer for Everyday Moms (from an Everyday Dad)


Lord, I am here asking that you would be very real to “everyday” Christ-following moms all over this planet.

Meet them in their very real fatigue. We believe that you have come to give us life and give it to us abundantly, but for some women what a hard week this week has been . . . and it’s not over. Some are tired in every sense of that word. Remind them . . . right now, please . . . that you mean it when you say “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). Meet these moms in every situation . . . those burdened with all kinds of physical, emotional, and relational loads . . . and bring them soul-satisfying, life-replenishing rest.

Meet them in their disappointments. For some moms, this week has been a week of smashed, well, everything. Promises made were broken. Hopes have been dashed. Circumstances have flipped 180 from their expectations. Husbands have failed them. Children have hurt them. Friends have robbed joy from them. These precious moms are grieving yet another relational or financial set-back. Some are wondering if you’re going to come through. The rope that they’ve been hanging on to seems really short right now. We pray Psalm 46:10 into their lives right now: God, you are their refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Meet them in their celebrations. And some moms, Father, you’ve showered with blessings and joys and delights. They’re excited about what they’re discovering about you and your grand plan for their lives. The Word is coming alive to them. Relationships are rich. Children are a blessing. Life is full in a John 10:10 kind of way. We just want to say Thank you! for these kinds of days and weeks. We want to live in gratitude for these blessings you have showered on them. Let them know that each one of these good gifts has come from you, the Father of Lights! May their faith be stretched and their worship be rich — and their mouths be quick to share about Jesus’ greatness — in these days of enjoyment.

Father, meet each and every one of these moms with . . . You! In the good times, and bad, may we know that you’re altogether good . . . your heart and your ways. Sustain these women . . . love them . . . be near to them . . . give them big faith in you in the days ahead . . . . and give them faith for today . . . right now.

In Jesus’ amazing name and for his glory,


(posted by Carrie’s husband, Wes)