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“How do you handle those portions of Scripture that aren’t rated ‘G’?”

When I began reading the Bible with my kids, it wasn’t long before I stumbled upon passages that were rather graphic in content. At first I panicked and tried to quickly come up with some way to convey the story to a preschooler, without arming them with information I was not ready for them to […]

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I May Have a Map for You

Did you intend to start your adventure through the Bible this year? Do you have the sinking feeling that you’ve missed your opportunity? Well, it’s not, I repeat  it’s NOT, too late. Bible reading is as good an idea in July as it was in January. Perhaps what you need is a map, a plan […]

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Make a Plan, Keep it Simple

To read with consistency, let me encourage you to make a plan to read the Bible with your kids. And if this is something you’ve not done before, let me offer you a few SIMPLE tips that might help you achieve this goal. Pray. I know this could sound like a Christian cliché, but I […]

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Let the Journey Begin

Have you ever planned a trip through unfamiliar territory, taking a route you’ve never truly explored before? Maybe you flew over the area a couple of times and were captivated by the rugged landscape as you peered from high above. You might have even driven through at midnight, when you were tired and groggy. You […]