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I May Have a Map for You

Did you intend to start your adventure through the Bible this year? Do you have the sinking feeling that you’ve missed your opportunity?

Well, it’s not, I repeat  it’s NOT, too late. Bible reading is as good an idea in July as it was in January.

Perhaps what you need is a map, a plan to guide your way.

Well, here’s a two year guide that I created for my family. We have discovered that two to three years is a good pace for us to read the entire Bible. Perhaps this could be true for you, as well.

You can start this journey at any time. It is not based on the calendar year. Instead, you simply follow week one, week two and so on.

The plan includes “catch up” days just in case you fall a little behind. If you reach a catch up day and you’re right on schedule, you can save that day for another time when you may need it.

I also threw in three vacation weeks (listed at the bottom) that can be inserted at any point. The vacation weeks are designed for those times when you’re out of the normal routine. Life happens! For example, when you’re sleeping on the couch or the floor at a relative’s house and you just can’t do Bible reading as usual. Perhaps you could use a vacation week when your entire family has the stomach flu. Or maybe you can actually use a week when you’re on vacation, sitting on the beach praising God for the warmth of the sun.  You can get back to your normal reading when your routine gets back to normal.

Oh, and one more thing, this is the first time we’ve used this plan as a family, so this is our first test run. If you use the plan and happen to find any errors (like I missed a chapter of Leviticus or something), be sure to let me know. I can make corrections and put up a new link.

Today is a great day to hear God. Begin reading His Word on January 31!

Two Year Bible Reading Plan